Ethically Sourced?

Ethical: “Involving questions of right and wrong behavior” or “Morally right and good”
Source: “Someone or something that provides what is wanted or needed” or “a point of origin…”

One thing I realized with this topic, first and foremost, is that it must be taken from multiple angles. One needs to understand a lifestyle. In addition, the consequences of change (good or bad) along with the actions taken to possibly re-mediate for the better.

As i’m in search of a universal definition of “ethically sourced”, I find that there isn’t one but there is a universal understanding as provided by multiple companies: Ensuring suppliers operate and provide goods according to a safe work environment, fair wages, legal hours during production and manufacturing. It can be found encoded with a company’s code of vendor conduct, supplier code of business conduct or simply a code of conduct. It is not always transparent nor apparent to find for their own given reasons. Although, not a mandatory law, it is a rising voice of concern when we start to try understand more of what happens when we run out of resources, or why the world is still in such a great divide.

It’s a broad topic that can touch upon the food we eat, the clothes we wear or products we use.

To Ponder on: From all the stores you purchase your everyday items from, do you know where they come from and who are those people who make it for you?


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