The Least Ethical Companies in the World

I thought it would be great contrast to the last blog if I could easily look up who the worst companies are but why is it so difficult? Either, somebody is really good at hiding information from the public, it’s limited from public viewing or there is an emphasis on the good opposed to the bad. I’ll leave that up to you, as the reader, to decide. In my mind, anything that requires more than a 15-25 minute search, nowadays, means the information is lacking out there for a reason.

Odd enough, the only information I found dated back to 2005-2010. You would think that the one group (Covalence EthicalQuote) that was tracking it, would continue annually. I digress and will elaborate on my findings:

Covalence is a Swiss research firm that generates an ethics index. Their methodology incorporates quantitative and qualitative data over several years for 2800 companies worldwide. The data looks at 45 criteria points which encompass labor standards, waste management and human rights record from primary and secondary research.


Needless to say the rankings is not too far off from what it is in the present day. Ranking from the least worst to absolute disgust (source: Covalence/Huffingtonpost):

12) Barrick Gold Corporation (Gold Mining)
11) Mediaset SpA (Television Company)
10) Total SA (Oil & Gas)
9) Grupo Mexico SA de CV (Mining)
8) Syngenta AG (Agriculture & Pesticides)
7) Ryanair Holding Plc. (Airline)
6) Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Oil & Gas)
5) Philip Morris International Inc. (Cigarettes)
4) Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (Copper and Gold)
3) Chevron Corp. (Oil & Gas)
2) Haliburton Company (Oil & Gas)
1) Monsanto Co. (Agriculture)

My belief is that it takes a while for a company to go into the “good books” as changing daily operations and business logistics take a while to figure out. At the same time, there isn’t enough news coverage or proof to prove that the companies are doing anything drastic to make themselves better. You can also see there is a trend among the most unethical companies being mining, agriculture and oil/gas. The major resource providers of our everyday activities yet we remain so far apart from it, we don’t realize how it ties in to our everyday lives. On a more realistic note – how can we change? What can we do? My suggestion on the first step is to research and try to learn more into one particular area. You’ll be surprised how much you can find.

To Ponder on: Agriculture relates to our food but Oil relates to clothing, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, everyday products, medicine, plastics, etc… What will it take for you to find out more about everything you possibly own and its tie to the environment?

Photo Source: Bigthink


One thought on “The Least Ethical Companies in the World

  1. Interesting dilemma! Definitely the oil companies lack ethics in their methods of drilling etc. As you say, though, oil is part of many everyday items and it becomes difficult to find alternatives.
    There are also companies like Nestle’ that wreak havoc on eco systems through deforestation to obtain palm oil, soya etc. Palm oil, too, is part of so many everyday things.
    To live an ethical lifestyle is indeed a challenge!

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