Why do we hide the things that matter the most sometimes? The world does a far amount of good but nobody has sight of that. Yet if you provide too much good news – it becomes blind sighted and neglected. When we talk about the bad of the world, there becomes more coverage, exposure and rise in concern. This usually also doesn’t come without a disaster happening.

As per my post on the choices we make, the following is a prime example of “tags” and exposure. This past summer, two customers of Primark (UK clothing brand) found comments as “Degrading sweatshop conditions” and “Forced to work exhausting hours” sewn into their clothing. Regardless if it was a hoax or not (some speculate it may have been), i’m glad that someone was doing this. It’s one thing for one company to be targeted but there are always reasons behind such actions. I believe everyone should know the conditions since it’s almost impossible for a consumer to know all the details of their purchases. How would we ever hear the voices of these workers anyways? They have no power, usually living in poor conditions where resources are lacking – this would be an excellent way of connecting to the world out there.

Another note was found in a pair of Trousers, bought from Primark as well. It stated workers were forced to work 15 hours a day making clothes and forced to work “like oxen” (

The customer said she found the SoS note inside a pair of trousers bought in Primark's Belfast store

Without looking at the details of whether this was a true or false story, it does change your perspective on things – even if it’s temporarily. I wish I could see more and know more and what’s stopping me – the red tape and the lack of visibility into this type of information. It’s one thing for companies to be scared to share information that provides them a disadvantage in the competition law but it’s another for us, as consumers to have rights to know what the heck we are actually purchasing. I feel almost short of power to do anything besides be aware of what is going on.

To Ponder on: Will it change your purchasing power to know where an item comes from or will it remain the same? What will it take to get your attention?

Photo Source: South Wales Evening Post


One thought on “Transparency

  1. Yes, I believe being aware of what is going on affects and changes the purchasing power a lot. These days customers get more curios and positive towards what they know. I’ll recall a situation happened to a very well known fast food restaurant at my back home, where it’s have been known for its fanatic tendency to hire any of different religion. As everyone recognized that, a lot of people boycotted it which led to closure of many of his branches! It depends on what exactly customers knew, but for sure it affects the image if sellers!

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