What’s THAT on your Lips?!?!

This is in no sense a beauty blog – It’s all about where things come from…
There is a point to this post – allow me to tell the story first:

I glanced over my “chapstick”, “lipgloss”, “lip balm”, etc…(whatever you wish to call it) the other day out of boredom and curiosity, I suppose, and I found something interesting. Active ingredients: Octinoxate 1% (sunscreen), Petrolatum 90.3% (Skin Protectant). What is this 90.3% worth of chemical that i’m putting onto my lips?! Next thing you know, I’m looking into all the individual “non-active Ingredients” as per my picture below.


Ingredient List:
Petrolatum (90.8%) – Mineral oil jelly – can be contaminated with PAHs and through exposure over time is associated with cancer (David Suzuki)
Octinoxate (1%) – Most widely used UVB blocking agent but with biochemical/cellular level changes, endocrine disruption (hormone mimicking) (EWG)
Squalane – Naturally occuring lipid in plants/animals used in lubricating creams/lotions (EWG)
Lanolin – Animal sourced product – from oil glands of sheep (extracted from wool) (EWG)
Triticum Vulgare (wheat) germ oil – Extracted from reproductive part of the wheat kernel (EWG)
Tocopherol – Naturally occurring chemical compound, antioxidant, fragrance ingredient (EWG)
Allantoin – Uric acid from cows and plants, used in treatment of wounds and ulcers (EWG)
Propylparaben – Paraben family of preservatives (EWG)
Butylparaben – Paraben family of preservatives (EWG)
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract – Produced from succulent leaves of aloe plant (EWG)

I used a very specific example but it’s an example of something that I used (*note past tense!). The whole research component took me a good 30-45 minutes to compile together and it’s only with a few ingredients. The point of this post is to show how much “unknown” there is out there. I hate to know what else is in anything else I put on my body and where they come from. I understand in today’s world we try to preserve everything but when did we start complicating the process by inserting such intricate chemicals into everyday products.

To Ponder On: Ever try looking at the ingredients to the things you buy? Most likely, you looked and you stopped to bother but what made you stop?

Photo Source: DIYlife


2 thoughts on “What’s THAT on your Lips?!?!

  1. You should check out the Environmental Working Group’s SkinDeep database. They do tons of research into what goes into our cosmetic and skincare products and make recommendations of products that have the fewest cancer-causing chemicals in them. It’s really helpful for those of us concerned with what goes into the things we slather all over ourselves!


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