Old News Can Be Good News: Unilever – Sustainable Sourcing

I love it when videos have such happy music playing in the background as they’re talking about something good. It just puts you in a better mood and engages the audience more. Unilever, in this short 2 minute clip from 2013, promotes their first product, which has an ingredient that is sourced sustainable and the impact it would make.

“By 2020, 100% of our agricultural raw materials will be sourced sustainably” (Unilever Food Solutions)

What they have achieved so far:

  • We now source 59% of our top 13 vegetables and herbs from sustainable sources — and by 2015 we will achieve 100%.
  • In 2012, Knorr launched its first range of sauces made from sustainably grown tomatoes into the UK market.

With all that’s out there in the supermarket, it’s a great way to take lead into making yourself stand out more among all the competitors in the same aisle. I would still have some self doubt with ingredients that i’m uncertain about, as i’m reading the label but I give this company kudos for trying to instigate change WHILE sharing it publicly. It’s hard for a company to come out and state their goals as they are strongly held accountable for them afterwards. Do keep in mind though, this doesn’t mean they are less susceptible of having e.coli, product recalls, etc… Some things, you just would never know. Regardless, a great stepping stone and I hope other companies follow suit.

More information may be found here: Knorr Sustainability Partnership

To Ponder On: With all that’s said and done do you, as the consumer, still wonder what it means that this company is being proactive about their source/suppliers? Does the thought wander back to, “That’s good but what is it to me?”

Photo Source: Convergence Alimentaire


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