About that furrrr…Ms. Cruella de Vil

How far do you go to say whether anything fur related is ethical? On one side, it’s animal cruelty, which usually consist of those who are compassionate animal lovers or prefer not to purchase such items. On the other side, we have the negligent, apathetic and/or plain fashion lovers. There’s many sides to take on this topic!
Firstly, my opinion is that we should not entice ourselves with fur trimmings (but this is also arguable with why is leather OK and fur isn’t). I try my best to also avoid leather goods but often find that it’s a more commonly known product, which makes it harder to avoid (bags, jackets, book covers, gloves, etc…). That’s another topic for another day though. I digress…let’s not lose sight of how fur got into the market in the first place. The fur trade based in the 1500s, was used as an exchange currency for tools, goods and extra warm outfits. The thoughts came to mind when CTV released the news on a fur farmer in Quebec titled, “A Quebec first: Fur farm owner charged with cruelty, negligence”. Nowhere in the article does it say who they provide for (although it’s probably a confidentiality agreement) but who is to say your fur products aren’t from here? Now that you perhaps know where it came from and how animals were treated, does this trigger any thoughts in your head? There’s that lack of transparency again but would you really want to know how that fur trimming on your jacket was made and the process of it. I find that today’s generation, we are quite desensitized in such issues. Would a video of how it’s made make you feel a little closer to the truth?
Is there any means of ethical fur though? My findings lead me the following links:
We Are Fur – Yes and No. “The fur trade believes in your right to choose for yourself”
PETA- The Fur Industry – No. Should purchase Cruelty-free fabrics and faux furs instead.
Fur is Green – Yes. This quote says enough, “We can use part of this surplus without reducing wildlife populations”
For every “bad” in the world, there is always good. LUSH, a more sustainable company that deals with cosmetics has currently launched a #makefurhistory campaign with other non-profits in making a pledge against the use of fur. I leave this post with many unanswered thoughts. You do make your own decisions in the end based on your own morals. I don’t judge those who buy fur…sometimes.
To Ponder On: What’s your take on fur? Good or not? Can it be ethical?
Photo Source: Old Lachine

One thought on “About that furrrr…Ms. Cruella de Vil

  1. For me. Anything that entails the prolonged suffering of innocent creatures for a fashion item is immoral. The fur industry fails every test of morality. Thanks for opening up,this debate.


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