You Ought to Wrap those Gifts…Ethically

Still in the spirit of Gift Giving, let’s take it to a new level. The finer details is what it’s better described as and not for the weak at heart. The wrapping paper. You put in so much effort to make it look tidy, straight and folded neatly to only have it ripped to shreds in the end and tossed away. Have I not mentioned that there is a story behind every item we own and use? When it comes to ethical gift wrapping, it’s not so much the tree that was cut down in “xyz” forest (although ideal, let’s be realistic). All i’m saying is, let’s be closer to the source and know where/how this paper is processed or if we can’t, let’s just be environmental about it then.

Here are some nice alternatives I found but not limited to (nor endorsed by):

  • PooPooPaper – You can’t top this – it’s made from poo + odorless! Enough said.
  • Aveda – The Concept: The green paper used for their gift sets is handcrafted and employs 5,000+ people in Nepal. This is my favorite find of all.
  • Knot Wraps: Lush – Did you know, they have a group working with Indian co-operatives making fair trade textiles. Some variation also includes being made from 100% recycled plastic. Below is an image to show how you can wrap your gifts creatively.

Photo courtesy of: GreenUPgrader

Re-usable Options:

  • Newspaper – if you still read them that way and like to spark some creativity, why not draw, paint, stamp and doodle on some to make your gift? Never understood why companies would make a newspaper themed gift paper when you can get it from a “real” newspaper.
  • Vintage clothing – also known as clothes that have holes in them and are bound to be rags. Wrap it up!
  • Maps – they’re outdated anyways.

    Photo Courtesy of: junkaholique

Yes – a big chunk of it is re-use in some form or way since this means less paper/material is being extracted from its original resources. Hence, I love the concept of paper that was remade again. It says enough that we did extract the resources at one point but now we’re going to cycle it through and through.

If needs be visit: Eco Gift Wrap Initiative held by the Toronto Green Community and on their 12th year! What I love about them is that they take materials from places that no longer needs them and use them to wrap your gifts without the need to purchase new material. They use the money to raise funds to support Toronto Green Community’s grassroots environmental initiatives. They can be found at the following two locations:

  • Dufferin Mall — 900 Dufferin Street
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op — 400 King Street West

To Ponder On: What changes have you made to make sure you don’t keep buying more new materials (and save your money)? What’s the story behind your wrapping paper?

Photo Source: OPB


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