I Can’t Be Ethical Unless I’m Rich

It’s not the first time you’ve heard it or possibly even thought about it. It’s hard to do the right thing and especially when it comes to knowing where your products come from, it’s hard on the wallet. I’ve even had to justify and convince myself on my own purchases because the prices are not for those who struggle an everyday life. My father has always told me to take care of myself and ensure that i’m ok before helping others. It’s wrong but at the same time, it’s not too far from being right. Nothing scientific here. Just common sense.

Brands like Patagonia, one of the most corporate social responsible apparel companies sells t-shirts for $40+! How about Whole Foods, who sells high quality natural and organic foods but yet sells grapes for $4/lb? We all fight the same struggle to survive and yet live that lifestyle that’s beneficial to our lives. Yet, it is nearly impossible and depressing at times to know the real truth behind it.

organic-food (1)

Photo Source: Whole Foods

Nowadays, I often tell myself that if I was to “treat” myself, I better do it right. There is a lot more behind the scenes than I possibly know at I am paying the price for that story behind the scene. I then run home and wiki all about how bananas are grown and the amount of effort is placed into transporting it to my store. This gives me a sense of relief and also another reason to convince myself of doing the right thing. Some people can say health reasons for organic foods; others may say they choose ethical clothing because they have better quality. Whatever the reason may be for others, may you also find the reason to change one thing. Just one. Eventually, when we’re all rich we can change our ways of living but until then, strive to be your best. Don’t buy 10 jackets if the price of it can be the ONE jacket with the bonus feature of social justice attached to it. We can’t be ethical unless we’re rich but we can sure try to be better consumers.

To Ponder On: What is that one thing in life you can change to be more ethical? When you achieve that, what is your next goal? And the next?…

Photo Source: Ethical Consumer


3 thoughts on “I Can’t Be Ethical Unless I’m Rich

  1. One thing I’ve learned from my Europeans cousins is that less is more. Instead of collecting and consuming tons of stuff that’s inexpensive I try to find fewer key pieces whether it’s clothing, electronics or food so I can afford to be a more responsible consumer.


    • Its true and especially looking at black friday and people fighting over certain things …it’s insane to know how we sometimes feel we need more especially if it’s cheap.


  2. I’m so glad you posted about this. Some people may not be in a position to buy organic all the time but you’re right making the choice to buy one quality ethically sourced item is better then 10 unethically sourced items. More and more people should be talking about this so we help each other make better choices.


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