Trades of Hope – A Gift with a Story

My journey to find gifts continues with the countdown looming over me. I walked into Ten Thousand Villages hoping to find some inspiration. To my dismay, I found stories that drew pictures from my imagination. The greatest find was Soap. Not just any soap – it’s a $9 Sacred Mark Soap. Yes, highly expensive and probably for its size, it won’t last too long but the captivating point was what it represented:

Poverty is so high in Bangladesh that many women turn to the sex trade to live. But this soap is made by sex slavery survivors, women who are now finding hope and redemption! These 100% natural soaps are hand-crafted by women in the red-light district of Bangladesh.

A thumbprint seal is found on the package, you can’t help but feel a deeper sense of connection. The story of freedom and the ability to do something better for themselves. To learn more visit: Trades of Hope


Sacred Mark Soap Source: Ten Thousand Villages

To Ponder On: How would you determine the worth of a product?

Photo Source: UNHCR
Disclaimer: Nothing was endorsed. It was a story I felt the need to share and a product I felt was “worthy” of.


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