Collaboration of TOMS + Target – Feel Good & Buy More?

Target and TOMS side by side (ok perhaps less than side by side but they are working together on a small project).

Target – second largest discount retailer, good quality yet “cheap” goods.
TOMS – known for it’s “one for one” concept (for those who don’t know, for every product you buy from them, they will help one person in need).

On Nov 16, 2014, it was announced that TOMS will be releasing a variety of items to Target stores. It is such a brilliant idea in my eyes on both a consumer and marketing point of view. Here is a well known brand that does good for people “out there”. “We offer shoes with sustainable and vegan materials and are working to expand these offerings. These shoes include natural hemp, organic cotton, and/or recycled polyester and these materials are used on the upper, liner and/or the insole cover (instead of our standard suede insole)” (TOMS Corporate Responsibility). Yet here we are with Target, the seemingly opposite of what TOMS or anything ethical would stand for. Is it bad that i’m seemingly hopeful that this is not a short term partnership and/or a marketing scheme. I like that there’s more awareness for an already successful brand but what about the brands that are still growing and trying to reach folks with their name/mission. Should they be given a higher chance to work with such department stores that have a fan base already? I’m sure it gets more complex behind the scenes with payments and profits but if this collaboration is all that it “should” be, they ought to help the other brands out.

This collaboration didn’t make me think any more or less of Target. Let’s see the PROS and CONS:

  • PRO:
  • More availability/accessibility in reaching TOMS products
  • Provided consumers another choice amongst thousands of other products available in Target
  • It spreads the word that there are companies (speaking of TOMS only) who are focusing on helping those in need
  • CON:
  • It lures me to buy other stuff from Target b/c the concept of browsing is engrained in a woman’s head sometimes (good marketing, bad for me though)
  • Spending the amount in Target – I don’t get to see whether or not the money is allocated properly to TOMS
  • Target didn’t change my mind about them. They should start their own line to incorporate something of this sort now that their customers are more exposed to the concept

To Ponder On:  Was this a good move or not if a retailer incorporated a brand into its company that gives back to others?

Photo Source: Target


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