I Can See & So Can You! (Warby Parker)

Although this is more of social good than ethically sourced,it is still worth a mention. It’s one of the few growing means of changing the lifestyle we have to encompass someone else’s life besides me, myself and I. Coincidentally, I am looking to purchase new glasses and this is worth considering after I dig a few more background stories up.

Warby Parker – a carbon neutral (offsetting carbon released to achieve a zero carbon footprint)  eye-ware brand. Started by 4 individuals with their name stemming from a book.

Eye-ware maker who goes by the concept of “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair”. Very much like the effort of TOMS but a little less mainstream (for now. As they just received mention of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail). It’s a remarkable concept, which you would think someone could have come up with it sooner. The quick synopsis of the business:
1)The middleman is cut out so sourcing for it is cheaper (at $95/pair)
2) The number of glasses sold = monthly donation = the number of new individuals being trained (by VisionSpring) to give eye exams and sell (affordable) glasses in developing countries.
3) Corrected vision = productivity. Productivity = Increase income $$$ = better life.

As per VisionSpring’s Site:

The description of materials doesn’t get mentioned too much but enough for you to assume, they know where it’s coming from. They do state “Only the good stuff” as well as “From premium Japanese titanium to custom single-sheet cellulose acetate sourced from a family-run Italian factory, we use the best materials for our frames” (WarbyParker Design). They are, after all, a certified B Company. Since they are private, they have a higher capability to improve their ways in the Environment/Governance field.

To Ponder On: If the option was there for you to choose a business that promotes further good (beyond your reach), would it change your buying ways? It’s not perfect but one step closer to it compared to many others.

Photo Source: Warby Parker Design
*Not endorsed by them. Personal perspective/observations.


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