The Journey Forward – Walking the Talk

Liberating, Free, Ethical, Sustainable, Clean! Is that what I should feel when I buy the “right” things? This post is to document my feelings and thoughts in my own journey to becoming “better” with cosmetics I use, apparel I buy and food I eat.


The basics and “essentials” to start it off: Shampoo, Soap, Face Mask, Moisturizer, Eye Creme and Shaving Cream.

It’s tough. No kidding. I can’t afford this lifestyle, which goes back to the post: “I Can’t Be Ethical Unless I’m Rich“. Since the start of this year, I’ve slowly transitioned my basics of moisturizers, shampoo, conditioner to Organic (as much as possible), Cruelty Free, Paraben- free, Sulfate-free, etc…

The amount of research involved each time prior to purchasing a product was also rather excessive at times. I did use the site Skin Deep to help with decision making as well. Sure – I could go to a natural/health store, whose purpose is to solely sell these items but I digress back to the point that i’m not made of money (let alone, my salary is not one that can sustain me to continuously purchase all things like this) and these companies sometimes overprice them. Shopping at your everyday stores it is i.e. Loblaws, Lush, Marshalls…

My latest purchase (from this week) is a Patagonia Mid-Layer Down Jacket. Not going to lie, it’s expensive (approx. $250-300 with tax)!!! I looked to the side, where my mom had bought a similar jacket from Uniqlo for $30. I had to re-think this purchase over and over again to justify myself. I found myself doing what I was afraid of doing. I re-read the description: 800-fill power 100% traceable down (goose down that can be traced back to birds that were never force-fed, never live-plucked), 100% recycled polyester ripstop shell, etc.. We all know enough about Patagonia leading the ethical/sustainable apparel world. I know I trust them but I still had to read reviews on durability, is it all that it says it is? In the end, I decided that my goal was to spend my money wisely on companies/people who are willing to make the effort (and show it) to becoming better environmentally and socially. It is not easy. I don’t think i’ll be purchasing anything for a while after this. The price would also be worthwhile if it was an actual jacket to wear throughout winter but sadly, it wouldn’t be enough. I have a different purpose for it (my many adventures).

So do I feel “Liberating, Free, Ethical, Sustainable, Clean!” as I initially mentioned? Some but not all. I feel like I’m taking the right step and it is ethical/morally correct but it’s not all that it “sells” itself to be. I’m doing this for myself in the end and what I believe is right, what I can afford and what is “deserving” based on my own learning. I advise to readers to do the same if you’re ever thinking of moving towards a more “ethical” world. Do it for yourself first and make sure you research into it. Knowledge is power and so is your money (it dictates your life to an extent!). Choose wisely and go forth.

To Ponder On: If you had one product (food, clothes, cosmetics…) you can change, which one would you deem is “worthy” of?

Photo Source: Self-taken Hiking @ Stouffville, ON


2 thoughts on “The Journey Forward – Walking the Talk

  1. Great article, I agree that at times it can take a lot of time and browsing before one can decide which brand to go with, which chemicals they are personally fine with and overall which brand they just have a good gut feeling for. The issue to watch out for is ingredient changes! No brand has any requirements to inform you if key ingredients change (look up Aveeno Petroleum, great brand before they were taken over and started cutting costs). Keep an eye out!

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    • All i have to say is…thank goodness for the invention of google! I usually look at each individual ingredient if I dont recognize it. Thanks for the heads up!


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