Documentaries – The Targeted Perpetrators

As good and educational documentaries are, they tend to make you feel a certain way towards particular companies. What we fail to do though is look at it from a greater perspective. What can we take from these lessons learned and situational cases? What is it that, as retailers, we should really look at and also as a consumer, do we do all that we can do to understand where things are coming from?

By no means am I defending retailers but I am not applauding them as well. Surface level transparency and data will always be a minimum. See how vulnerable some companies get when they provide more information on things they are doing compared to those who don’t provide anything at all. Yet I know of companies who would also work to meet minimum standards also to say that they are doing something. With a new perspective in mind, re-watch or watch the following to see if you fully understand that the issue is much greater than the need to boycott certain companies. Change is needed. Education and awareness as well but the need to incorporate positive actions should be the main outcome.

Some Documentaries to Look Into:

  • The True Cost – Concept of buying too much and “evils” of the clothing industry
  • Made in Bangladesh –  Result of Rana Plaza Collapse, understanding where Canadian Companies find their clothes
  • Apple’s Broken Promises – BBC One’s undercover findings in China of factory workers who made the iPhone 6
  • Food – A look into your dinner’s journey from plate to field, farm or ocean
  • More than Honey – The importance of Bees as a factor to source all food
  • Gasland – Communities in the United States affected by natural gas drilling and  hydraulic fracturing
  • Gasland Pt II – As per above but further discoveries…never ending battle afterall

To Ponder on: Which documentaries were most effective to you in changing your ways? Did it change it positively rather than attacking a company?

Photo Source: Factual for Asia


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