Chipotle – Self Exposure for Transparency. Good idea?

Whether it’s marketing, PR or just how the company want others to see them, it’s definitely unique. There’s been much in the news this year (since January) about Chipotle’s stock going down due to their Carnitas shortage. You can read more about that here (via huffingtonpost) or here (via CBC News). Now, to be transparent about items in their food compared to their counterpart is a new way of exposing that there will always be something to fix in a fast food joint’s world.


Screenshot from Chiptole’s Friend or Faux Game

Why it’s strategic? They’re distracting (in a good way), the audience, from the negative situation they are in. They re-directed attention to what matters when it comes to food while focusing on their long term goal on self-improvement. What makes this “game” an effective way of educating others? There are incentives; equivalent to giving a “treat’ to reward good deeds.

Let’s get back on topic though – transparency. Although, it doesn’t state where the products are farmed from, Chipotle makes the effort to tell you they’re planning to go non-gmo, they’re anti-biotic free, tries to be local (in areas available), what ingredients are in each food item and animals are grass fed and roam freely. They even made a song/video (2011) on it to the tune of Coldplay’s “Fix You”. There are also many other videos on their Youtube channel that may be of interest.

In a world of growing fast food, Chipotle is taking large steps in leading the way for others to follow. Play the game (Chipotle Friend or Faux) and see if you actually know what’s in your food. Sadly, i’m ashamed to say I didn’t score too highly, looks like I have more work to do in my research.

To Ponder On: What makes you not care about what you’re consuming? What excuse are you giving yourself to not ask?

Photo Source: Self Made via Canva


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