“The World’s Most Ethical Companies 2015” (…who cares?)

Every year around March Ethisphere [<-click on the link to see the list] releases the World’s Most Ethical Companies in all of its respective fields. There were a total of 132 with 15 companies who have made the list 9 times and 11 companies who made it for the very first time.

The scoring process is based on the following:

scoring process

Source: Ethisphere 2015

So what does this mean to a typical consumer who has zero knowledge on this? Nothing. This type of information I find is typically for those who already care and are well aware. This also plays a part to those who have investments or are looking for the trend for stock purchases. Those who care, will take time to engulf this information but what does it mean to care? Caring about such subjects has different levels:

  1. I care – I will make a change
  2. I care – I will spread the word
  3. I care – I have read it and now it’s in the back of my mind. Time to carry on with life.
  4. I care – But…what can I do?
  5. I care – My friends care so I do too (I think)
  6. I care….etc….

What can a person do with this information. As informative as it is, what it can be interpreted as is how business is going to transform. It’s a growing form of realization that we need to incorporate meaningful actions into our everyday lives (starting from up top – the “influence”). It will only take time to make that change and those who lead it will be those who are most willing to take the risk to be different. I find many companies prefer to follow the leader opposed to making the appropriate changes. It’s the brand, the risk and possible scrutiny but why do they not take time to make the “appropriate” actions and people to develop something meaningful opposed to doing the “easiest” things. I applaud those who made the list and took that leap of faith in being number 1 in their industry. It’s respectable and at the same time understandable if things “slip up” ie) Patagonia, because the supply chain is much larger than one can possibly imagine and we don’t keep tracking devices on everything and everyone. We all make errors but we all don’t take chances.

To Ponder On: Why do YOU care or should you even care?

Photo Source:  Self made via Canva


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