A Hint of Ethical Change in Our Everyday Magazines

As an avid magazine reader (from Women’s Health to the occasional Cosmopolitan), I have noticed how much more educational it has become; although it still has the regular aspects of brand names, fashion advice, products, perfect looking models and everything else that can make an individual feel insufficient. You can use these magazines as a way of making yourself more knowledgeable or use it as a way of conformity (not that I agree with that particular purpose). We all take different things from what we read and hence what makes reading unique.


Article found in the ‘Fashion’ magazine about combining luxury and social responsibility in fashion.

What have I found recently? I’ve noticed an increase in articles, features and marketing that pertains more to ethical sourcing, globalism and green products (whether it’s “greenwashing” or not). Do people even realize this is happening to their everyday magazines?!


With the rise in millennials and a well educated/exposed generation, it’s about time that there is visibility into something more than surface level consumerism. Is it as effective as the remaining 95% of the magazine displaying other ads and articles? No BUT it is slowly creeping up and creating a subconscious thought in a reader’s mind. We tend to highlight what we think will be the next big thing and magazines/social media has the means of controlling it.

An example of this is from ELUXE magazine, with their feature of “Out of Africa“. They are promoting ethical sourcing and how Africa is one of the places that promote this, “We love African fashion brands because they tend to be more ethical and eco-friendly: normally, they aim to employ local artisans at a fair wage, and use traditional (less toxic) textiles and dyes”.

In the end, all that we read is what we choose to make of it. Awareness is increasing and we are in the hands of a generation that will promote further positive change, if they so choose to. I, personally, think this is a big step from a mere 5-10 years ago and i’m pretty happy about it.

To Ponder On: Have you notice any changes to the magazines you’re reading?

Photo Source: Self Taken @ Old Runnymede Indigo


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