“Ethical” Santa

Ethically sourced gifts. What would that look like? Picture Santa on his sleigh delivering gifts of social justice…

As blunt as this is, Santa’s world would not stray too far from reality. The perfect looking world would not have anyone questioning these questions of whether modern day slavery or if living wages was in play. I would assume it would be filled with transparency and trust. We would know what every company is doing (what their metrics, strategies and goals are) without any sort of understatement. In the end, we would not hear differently on these issues and life would continue as is.

But alas, we are not there with the right trust in the companies we do purchase items from. We don’t have enough awareness or curiosity for that matter. We find ourselves in midst battle from companies that are transparent (with high prices) vs. those with no transparency (yet the cheapest). For companies that do advertise on products that give back/source ethically (i.e. Aveda and Nepal or Lush with their Charity pots), I applaud their marketing teams with focusing on communicating to customers. I rather know than not. Hiding it or the lack of transparency yet gaining a customer’s trust  will only falter in the end. Millennials are smarter with their money nowadays and these are the things they will look for.

Maybe we do need to round up a bunch of Santas and have them protest against unethical shopping as they did in 2010, in front of a Michael Kors store (as per the featured photo). That would be another interesting sight if every store front had a Santa protesting what was not right about their products. Hopefully one day we get to a world where we don’t have to hide behind our prices and the battle would be how much good a company does for those who are making the products for them.

Happy Holidays everyone! May you cherish time with one another more than the gift exchanged!

PhotoSource: PETA


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