Coffee – Will it save itself?

Big chain coffee stores  and their transition to source ethical coffee…It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here. It seems more of a standard than a choice nowadays. Maybe it’s a new way of marketing coffee to be “upscale” and worth the higher value. Nonetheless, I do believe it’s a good move by companies and also to gain awareness into the over cultivated coffee beans.

Through my research, I have discovered transparency reaches as far as having a supplier code or an overload of information (readily available for the interested public). The top ones being…

So now that businesses are on board….what’s next? We are ensuring the environment is managed well and the people are in good working conditions. The next issue aligns with what it can do and what it needs to do: “Saving coffee from extinction“, as BBC puts it. Is this the way to do it or is this merely a step? I find myself left with more questions than I started with. At this point, I truly think we’re slowing down the process and we need more methods into how do we accommodate the greater mass of people about to enter this world. More crops? Limit coffee intake? Sadly, I have no answers for you.

The Top 10 Coffee Consuming Countries (as per WorldAtlas, 2013 data):

  1. Finland 9.6kg/capita (2.64 cups/day)
  2. Norway 7.2kg/capita (1.98 cups/day)
  3. Netherlands 6.7kg/capita (1.84 cups/day)
  4. Slovenia 6.1kg/capita (1.68 cups/day)
  5. Austria 5.5kg/capita (1.51 cups/day)
  6. Serbia 5.4kg/capita (1.49 cups/day)
  7. Denmark 5.3kg/capita (1.46 cups/day)
  8. Germany 5.2kg/capita (1.43 cups/day)
  9. Belgium 4.9kg/capita (1.35 cups/day)
  10. Brazil 4.8kg/capita (1.32 cups/day)

Canada makes #19 with 3.4kg and the USA at #22 with 3.1kg. I’m sure over the past 3 years things have shifted around here and there but with coffee consumption going further up (Newsflash: hipsters are all about drip coffee now). With the policies in place, with people being paid living wages and the price of coffee going up – will there be any change? There’s so many unanswered questions and many hypothetical scenarios in my mind. I think I need more understanding into what this all means…


To Ponder On:  Tea wars. Did you hear how the new generation is leaning towards tea instead of coffee?! The issues will keep going round and round…


Source: Forbes

Photo source: My own photo at Starbucks


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