The Dollar Flip Flop

It’s one thing to see that the cost of flip flops could actually be that cheap and another to understand what is their profit? The sale of the $1 flip flop could all be a tactic of driving customers in to increase store traffic – that way, customers may peruse other potential items to buy. With many areas you can focus on, let’s narrow it to the cost to make a dollar flip flop with the following “How It’s Made” video:

So what does it mean to buy this product? It does mean your purchase provides a job for someone to glue the toe strap down and someone to manage the mold press, etc… BUT If it’s only costing the consumers $1 for something that heavily smells of plastic, how much does it cost to make the product in order for the company to make a profit? What about those workers who are retrieving the raw source of materials, breathing this plastic smell daily for extended periods of time? Surely they cannot be making the Canadian equivalent of $11.60/hr because Old Navy won’t be able to profit much; supply chain is very finicky.

The point of this post is not to tell you not to purchase them; although, personal opinion is that you shouldn’t because they:
1) hurt due to rubber;
2) creates blisters where it rubs with the sandal thong;
3) smells bad;
4) heavy;
5) doesn’t last long;
6) isn’t very environmental friendly, etc….

The point is for you, as the reader/consumer to think about what the $1 actually represents. Is price truly the only thing you care about? Are there really no worries about who is making them or where it goes when you’re “done” with them?

Flip flop reaction
Did you really need that many?
Source: Twitter

Think twice before buying “cheap” products that you may or most likely won’t care about after a couple wears. It’s impact is much greater than you can imagine. It’s like that one quote: “Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.”

Such a smart business idea but poor global and environmental decision to be made here is how I see it. Also, no – I have never purchased the $1 flip flop and I don’t plan to.

Photosource: Keywords Suggest


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